Tim Hortons is a chain of fast-food restaurants that serve donuts and coffee. It was launched by the Canadian hockey star Tim Horton in 1964. As Canada’s largest quick-service chain, franchises have overtaken McDonald’s. There are 3,600 franchise outlets in Canada as of September 2014. There are 869 channels in the United States and 56 in the Persian Gulf. Over the years, this humble donut shop has undergone many changes, mergers, and partnerships. The brand, however, has a proven track record with networks in the US, UK, and Asia.


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The small family restaurant serves sandwiches, soups, specialty coffees, and donuts. Tim Horton’s Little Chicken Soup Sandwich is quite small compared to his other restaurants. Enjoy a tasty meal at CafĂ© Tim Hortons. They have a wide range of food and beverages at affordable prices.

Therefore, it is important to answer all questions honestly. Even if your experience has been negative, you should still answer. Tim Hortons will use your feedback to improve their products and service delivery to ensure that your future experiences will be rewarding. Make sure that your answers reflect what you hope to achieve from Tim Hortons. If anything was left out of the survey, be sure to leave your comments in the comments section of the survey. You can complete the survey by visiting the official website www.teltims.com.


Tim Horton customers who complete the online survey will receive Tim Horton vouchers. So write your Tim Hortons coupon code on your receipt and save it for your offer. When you redeem your Tim Hortons voucher, you can get free coffee at Tim Hortons.

  • Tim Hortons Official Website: www.timhortons.com
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  • Tim Horton Customer Service: 1-888-601-1616