Tim Hortons uses TellTims as a customer research program to identify ways to improve its coffee and ready-to-eat meals. Tim Hortons was founded by Tim Horton and Ron Joyce in 1967.


As of September 2014, there were 3,600 franchise outlets in Canada. In the United States, there are 869 channels, while in the Persian Gulf there are 56. This humble donut shop has gone through many changes, mergers, and partnerships over the years. However, the brand has a proven track record with networks in North America, the United Kingdom, and Asia.

The Objective Of The Tim Hortons TellTims Survey 

Customer is a very important aspect of any business while increasing sales is also important. So how are sales increasing? Customer satisfaction is imperative if you want to increase your sales. For you to satisfy your customers, you must first respect their wishes, but to know what your customers want, you must know what they want. Tim Horton Company is conducting the TellTims team survey on telltims.com and conducting the TellTims survey.

As a Tim Hortons customer, tell Tim’s Survey Hortons you want to know about the downsides of Tim Hortons because they are looking forward to seeing the benefits of Tim Hortons in the future. Your input is extremely valuable to Tim Hortons. They want to ensure customers receive the best possible service. Thus, they value your helpful feedback so they can improve in the areas that matter most to you.

They also want to take a moment to discuss their interactions with you recently. It is therefore an opportunity for you to tell them about your Tim Hortons experience. For them to provide the best delivery and collection services to all their customers, your contribution is essential. You will also be asked about your last order, as well as what you can do to improve it in the future.

You need to complete Tim Hortons’ Telltims survey on its official website, www.telltim.com. In exchange for your honest feedback on Tim Hortons’ survey, the company is offering a free coupon for Tim Hortons. You can easily find out what conditions you must meet in this article in order to participate in the Telltims Feedback Survey. An organization can drive changes with the information you provide in a survey. Providing the information makes you part of the decision-making process since the decision-maker takes your opinion into account.